VM4000 Vacuum Excavator on Trailer for hire

4000L spoil tank vacuum excavator truck mounted with 4″ hose all round and 36Hp Diesel turbo blower pack which delivers 850cfm of vacuum power.

The VM4000 vacuum excavator is designed to handle heavy duty work for underground service locating and/or pipe maintenance. Above is an example of buried pipes safely exposed using vacuum excavation techniques in order to check and/or fix pipe jointing.

Soft trenching, Non-Destructive Digging around telecommunication cable, gas pipe, sewer lines, etc, is the type of work made for the VM4000 hydro-excavator.

The VM4000 vacuum truck is the most powerful hydro vac truck in the fleet. It can hold 4500L of spoil at a time. It features a hydraulic tilting tank with a 19″ back door for safer dumping.

         Specification of the vacuum excavator

  • 4500L hydraulic tilted spoil tank
  • 2000L of clean water tank
  • 10m of 3″ or 4″ suction hose
  • 20m high pressure water hose reel
  • 1.5m L high pressure gun
  • 26Hp or 64HP Kohler Diesel water cooled engine
  • Mine spec’d control panel (inc. emergency stop, battery isolator, etc)
  • High pressure water pump (3600 psi)
  • 550 or 1200cfm blower
  • Full opening back door for safer dumping