VM3000 Vacuum Excavator on Trailer for hire

The VM3000 hydro-excavation machine truck mounted is designed to locate underground services. But due to its good size spoil tank, 3000L capacity, it’ll let you do more than just pot-holing. You will be able to do small trenching, horizontal directional drilling mud clean up, pipe maintenance, new pipe installation, etc…

The VM3000 vacuum excavator is designed to handle big jobs in mine sites.

Specifications of the vacuum excavator

  • 3000L hydraulic tilted spoil tank
  • 800L clean water tank
  • 10m of 3″ suction hose
  • 2m high double jet pot-holing wand (will dig 6.5″ hole)
  • 20m high pressure water hose
  • 1.5m L high pressure gun
  • Diesel water cooled engine
  • Mine spec’d control panel (inc. emergency stop, battery isolator, etc)
  • High pressure water pump (3600 psi)
  • 550cfm blower