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Vacuum Excavation systems for sale, skid or 2T twin axle trailer mounted.













Truck, heavy duty skid or 3.5T electric brakes twin axle trailer mounted.




 vm500 helping NBN

Vacuum Excavation, also called Hydro Excavation or Non Destructive Digging is known to be the safest solution to expose underground utilities such as telecommunication and electric cables, gas lines, water lines and even tree roots. Our vacuum excavation systems use a high pressure water jetting through the pot-holing wand to safely dig holes up to 2 meter deep and 6.5inch in diameter by one man. Deeper holes can be safely excavated with the additional suction pipe and an extra long high pressure water gun to help breaking up the soil and removing it with the high volume vacuum system.

Safely excavate around pipes and cables

underground utilities network safely exposed by vacuum excavation

By using a vacuum excavation system you will eliminate the risk of damaging underground services as well as eliminate the risk of injuring your crew during operation. Vacuum excavation is the fastest technique to dig straight holes and trenches without mess.

The cheapest vacuum excavation systems for hire in AUSTRALIA

The Vacuum Excavators, Hydro Excavators or sucker trucks / vac trucks from NO DIG Equipment are for hire at the cheapest rate in Australia. Our Vacuum Excavators come with diesel or petrol blower packs and are fitted with 3" or 4" suction hoses and integrated high pressure water pumps for hydro-excavation. 

vm500 helping NBN 2

Hire a Vacuum Excavator today and locate underground utilities safely.  Our machines start with a small 500L trailer mounted vacuum excavation unit, which is ideal for potholing and service locating, through to a 4500L truck mounted vacuum excavator with a powerful 850cfm vacuum unit which is ideal for underground services locating, mud clean ups and larger hydro-excavation jobs. 

Hire a vacuum truck and hydro excavation system in Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Perth. More vacuum excavator hire companies coming.


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