VM500 Vacuum Excavator for Sale

vacuum excavator helping NBNVM500 vacuum excavator helping NBN Co contractors to install the optical fiber through existing conduits. The main job of the VM500 vacuum excavator is to clean the small pits and suck the 'parachute' through the conduit saving considerable time and effort for the contractors.


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VM500 vacuum excavator

Vacuum excavation (also known as suction excavation) is considered a best practice for safely finding and seeing underground utilities, reducing by more than half the chance of damaging buried utilities.

This type of excavating is quickly becoming recognised as a best practice when working in areas with underground utility congestion. Vacuum excavation lessens the risk of damaging utilities, which may often be inaccurately mapped and located and marked on the surface.

The VM500 Vacuum Excavator trailer mounted from NO DIG Equipment is ideal for locating underground services where access and space are limited. Available in Diesel for mine sites. The Diesel vacuum excavation units include emergency stop, battery isolator and wheel shocks along with the other controls which are engine throttle, clutch switch and hour meter.

The VM500 vacuum excavator will hydro-excavate 500L of spoil at a time. The NEW versions (previously VM450) feature a spoil flushing system for ease and rapidity of dumping.

The compact size of the VM500 vacuum excavator trailer mounted from NO DIG Equipment will allow you to safely excavate around underground high voltage electric cables, gas pipes, Telstra telecommunication cables in confined space and/or crowed cities. NO RISK. Protect yourself and your crew. Hire a vacuum excavator will save you money and trouble right from the start. Contact your nearest dealer using the DEALER LOCATOR button.


  • 500L spoil tank
  • 550 cfm blower / 3" hose all round
  • Diesel or Petrol units available
  • High pressure water pump at 3600psi
  • 250L clean water tank
  • 15m high pressure hose
  • 1.5m L high pressure gun
  • Central locking handle on door
  • 4" lever gate valve for easy dumping

Vacuum excavator accessories

  • 10m of 3" suction hose
  • Extra 50m of high pressure hose on reel
  • Extra double jet digging wand (dig 6.5" hole)
  • HEPA filter option (suitable when vacuuming hazardous material such as asbestos and other fine particles)
  • Custom skeleton trailer, 2T twin axle.



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